Forming Gas Systems

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Forming Gas Systems

There are many situations in the welding of stainless steels or other special metals where introducing gas purge equipment to the welding procedure can improve weld quality and provide very valuable cost reductions and savings in job time and argon gas consumption.

There are often several methods by which to try and achieve a purged welding environment, and one essential feature of any method is that it always produces the critical low level of oxygen specified for the material. The purge tool used must be robust and must purge efficiently every time, regardless of variables, e.g. the welding position or the presence of pipe elbows and bends.

The gas purge systems are designed so that a gasflow rate in litres/minute of 10% of the pipe diameter (mm), produces a purge time of only 1½-2½ minutes.

There are many requirements of a purge tool if it is to be a truly efficient and economical method of eliminating oxygen from the welding environment.

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Forming Gas Systems

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