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Equipped with the most modern inverter-technology, the REMOVER provides  a simple treatment of your stainless steel surface – for cleaning, polishing or marking purposes.  

Due to a weight of only 2,4 kg the remover is applicable anywhere – in your work shop and at building sites. The REMOVER is available in a PRO-Version with 700 W as well as in an  ECO-Version with 350 W.

The REMOVER is applicable worldwide for a flexible electric tension range from 85 up to 264 Volts, with a frequency from 50 to 60 Hz.

Besides the device itself, the scope of supply also includes the cables for brush and earth clamp, the necessary felts and attachments, the basic equipment and the needed chemicals.  Furthermore, additional equipment, such as  adapters for the operation with multiple brushes, is available.

Once the brush and earth clamp is connected, the REMOVER in operation  shows a backlit display, in which all parameters and functions can  be set by a Soft-Touch-Control Panel. Certainly, the REMOVER allows an operation in several languages.

For the removal of incidental temper colours due to the welding process of stainless steel surfaces, first the appropriate electrolyte is determined and the earth clamp is connected. The carbon brush is moistened with the corresponding electrolyte.   

Depending on the grade and condition of inpurity, the power level is set with use of the  control panel.

Then, the inpure surface is painted with the brush with electrolyte. In this manner, the oxydes occured by welding of stainless steel, the so-called temper colours, can be dismantled and removed electrochemically.

Complicated geometrical formings and angular shapes are no problem for the REMOVER.

An impressive result can be seen, after removing the liquid residues.

The in advance cleaned weld seams become their required finish, by polishing with the included adapter and the necessary felt.. The surface becomes the required brilliance.

Finally, the REMOVER is able to mark stainless steel surfaces with use of a special electrolyte and positioning devices / patterns. Positioning devices and patterns are available in several sizes. 

In this way, logos and letters can be signed stylishly on the stainless steel surface.




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