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Pickling products and accessories

Stainless steel owes its corrosion resistance to a microscopically thin oxide protective layer, the so-called passive layer.

Condition for the formation of a faultless and effective passive layer is a clean metallic surface.

Une condition préalable à la formation d'une couche passive sans défaut et efficace est une surface métallique proper.

Purpose of chemical surface treatment:

Impurities such as welding scale, oxide layers, tarnish, rust and pressed by the mechanical machining in the surface of metallic components and surface defects, such as organic impurities, which prevent the formation of a faultless passive layer will be removed by pickling.


The quality of the pickling result depends on the preparation of the components, ie the surface must be dry, largely free of grease and free from residues and other impurities.

For all these application requirements, the GSM offers a wide range of suitable products and technologies. Contact us. We are happy to help.


Treatment, and disposal of contaminated acidic rinse water:

The discharge of pickling wastewater into the sewage system is only permitted according to the existing laws.

The contaminated waste water by heavy metals and salts can be treated by the user in an appropriate waste water treatment plant or it is disposed of from one local company.

All indications according to the DIN safety data sheets have to be strictly respected.

Sprühlanze groß

Diese große Sprühlanze gehört zum kompletten Sprühbeiz-Set, kann aber auch separat oder zusätzlich bestellt werden. Es gibt sie auch in einer kurzen Version


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Handgriff für Sprühlanze

Dieser Handgriff läßt sich bequem an die große oder kleine Sprühlanze montieren. Er ist Bestandteil unserer kompletten Sprühbeizanlage, kann aber auch separat bestellt werden.


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